Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Mix 1 part Harriet the Spy, 1 part Andrew Clements, 1 part middle school friendship, and 1 part rock and roll, and you get THE SECRET LIFE OF MS. FINKLEMAN, a fun read for the "tweenish set." Bethesda's sixth grade social studies teacher gives his class a special assignment-- find a mystery in your own life and solve it. Bethesda decides that she will find out more about Ms. Finkleman, the school's reclusive and relatively unknown music teacher. She digs around a little and finds evidence that leads her to believe that Ms. Finkleman is actually the former, Little Miss Mystery, a rock star from the band, the Red Herrings.

Bethesda's discovery turns her middle school upside down. Ms. Finkleman, formerly kind of a "non-person" to her students becomes a superstar. The principal, eager to win a district music contest, orders the school choir to perform a rock concert, rather than the previously planned Irish folk music concert. And through a scheme hatched by Ms. Finkleman, Bethany becomes friends with Tenny, the class ne'er do well, who is actually a very gifted musician.

A really fun, quick reading mystery that doesn't get solved until the last few pages.

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