Monday, December 20, 2010


In February, I blogged about ONCE UPON A COOL MOTORCYCLE DUDE. which quickly became one of my students' favorite fractured fairy tales. Somehow, in the move between schools this summer, I lost that book. When I was at the Tattered Cover yesterday, however, I found a new Kevin O'Malley.

The premise of the story is similar to ONCE UPON A COOL MOTORCYCLE DUDE. Two children, a boy and a girl, are assigned to write a fairy tale that includes a king and a queen . The problem is, the two have very different ideas about how the story should proceed.

In this story, the king and queen have a baby, Sweet Piper, when the girl is telling the story, or Strong Viper, according to the boy. The king and queen are kidnapped by a giant cyclops, and it is up to Piper/Viper to save his parents. Of course, that's more than a little difficult because the two narrators can't agree on a solution.

Like COOL MOTORCYCLE DUDE, ROYAL SUPERBABY once again has several different illustrators. O'Malley is in charge of the boy and girl narrators, with their cartoon bubble arguments. Carol Heyer does the illustrations when the girl narrator is telling the story. Scott Goto illustrates the rough and tough muscle guy scenes.

Another one kids are going to love!

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Carol Heyer said...

So glad you liked our sequel to Once Upon a Cool Motorcycle Dude. Once Upon a Royal Superbaby was just as much fun to work on. Thanks for featuring Superbaby. Happy Holiday!