Thursday, December 23, 2010

BINK AND GOLLIE- Kate Di Camillo and Allison McGhee

OK, in yet another edition of everyone else in the world has already read this, but I hadn't, and I loved it, here is today's book review.

I love books about friendship, especially friendships that are a little messy. For about the past two years, my most favorite friendship series has been the ELEPHANT AND PIGGY books by Mo Willems. I love, love, love that series.

But I've just found another favorite. BINK AND GOLLIE are my kind of friends. Bink is short, speedy, and a little on the impulsive side. And she has hair that always looks a little in need of a comb. Gollie, on the other hand, is more refined. She's tall and calm and thoughtful. She loves to travel the world and make pancakes.

But somehow, the two are friends. Who engage in three different adventures in three stand alone chapters. In the first chapter, Bink and Gollie wind up at a sock store. Where Bink finds lovely rainbow socks. Which Gollie hates ("Bink, the brightness of those socks pains me. I beg you not to purchase them). Bink buys them anyway. And the two friends have to learn the fine art of compromise.

In the second chapter, Gollie ventures forth on a "trip" to the Andes. Which the lonely (and hungry) Bink keeps interrupting. In the third chapter, Bink purchases a fish. And names it Fred.(Bink, said Gollie. I must inform you that you are giving a home to a truly unremarkable fish…Furthermore, that a fish is incapable of being a marvelous companion.) Fred eats pancakes and goes to the movies with Bink and Gollie. But then, Fred has a horrible accident.

I LOVE this book. Love the messiness of Bink and Gollie's friendship. Love the characters, especially Bink, who reminds me a little of someone I know. I love the terrific language in this book-- need for speed, unwillingness to compromise, the finger has spoken, implore-- so many words and phrases that I think will make their way joyfully onto kids' tongues. And I love Tony Fucio's mostly black and white and gray illustrations, with just the perfect amount of color. His ability to capture a character through facial expression and body language is oh, so great!

A terrific read!

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Amy @ Hope Is the Word said...

This sounds fantastic! I love DiCamillo, so how have I missed this? (I clicked over from the Cybils blog.)

Kristen Hilty said...

Just ran across your blog doing a search on Bink and Gollie...I agree. This book is wonderful and beautifully simple. They are two unique friends but ones children can relate to. Characters are drawn out perfectly in very few words.