Wednesday, December 15, 2010


MOON BEAR is a perfect nonfiction book for our youngest reading friends. The book has a simple, repetitive question and answer format.

"Who blends in the sunlight
that peeks through the Himalayas?
Sleepy moon bear

waking up from a long winter snooze.
However, despite it's simplicity, the book also contains lots of terrific information.
Who plucks raspberries
and plops red scat in the tangle?
Blissful moon bear
feasting on a juicy summer feast."

Using this question answer format, MOON BEAR follows an Asiatic black bear over the course of an entire year, from the time she emerges from her den after hibernating, until the next year, when she emerges again, with cubs.
The collage illustrations are done by Caldecott winner Ed Young. I don't think I need to say any more there. A brief afterword has photographs of moon bears, as well as a little information about conservation efforts on their behalf.

I know our little guys will love hearing the book again and again. I could see using the book in a primary grade nonfiction unit, maybe even asking kids to do research, then choose some interesting facts to place into this question and answer frame. I could also see using the book with third and fourth graders to talk about word choice.

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