Saturday, March 26, 2022

Slice #26- It's finally happened....


I hoped it would never happen, but it has.

My guys are in love with the same woman.

And she's perfect.

Long dark hair.

Dark eyes.

A beautiful smile. 

She's intelligent.


but well-spoken.


A freelance graphic designer,

Specializing in non-profits.

She runs her own Etsy shop. 

She's athletic.

Loves to hike.

Last night she walked into my kitchen.

My guys were knocking each other out of the way 

To see who  could get closer.


Tails wagging frantically. 

Everyone loves Miss Izzy,

Our favorite dog trainer!

5 comments: said...

You had me at the edge of my seat try8in got decide where this was going!!!! SUCH a wonderful love affair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Charlene said...

What a fun story! I'm glad it was your dogs and not your sons or something!

Carol Varsalona said...

Carol, I love how you painted the picture of your two guys drooling over one lovely lady. You had me wondering and then the punch line came and I thought I never expected that line. LOL!

Elisabeth Ellington said...

This is hilarious! I can just imagine the two of them so happy to have a visit from Miss Izzy. I'm so glad you've got a trainer that connects so well with the dogs!

Chris said...

HA! The doggos love Ms.Izzy. So sweet!