Saturday, March 12, 2022

Slice #12: In which I fail miserably in my job as the attendant to a princess


The princess greets me as soon as I walk into the kindergarten oom.

 "Dr. Carol, my toe hurts."

I try to respond appropriately.

"Lo siento! Did you bump it on something?"


"Did you step on something?"


"Are you wearing different shoes?" 

"These are my snow boots."

"Do you have any other shoes you could put on?"


Her teacher summons the class to a meeting on the carpet and she is off.

About ten minutes later she returns.

"Dr. Carol, my toe hurts." 

"It still hurts? I'm so sorry. Do you have something in your boot?"

"I don't know."

"Take off your boot and let me see."

She offers her foot in a princess like gesture and the loyal princess' attendant (me) pulls  off her boot.

I look at her toes. I don't see anything pokey on her white tights.  

I feel around inside. 

The inside is a little worn, typical for Colorado in late March, but there doesn't seem to be anything that should be causing discomfort. I turn the boot upside down, brush it off, and shake it. 

"Try it now.  See if this is better."

Princess shoves her foot back into her boot and goes off to the puzzle center. 

When the center bell rings she is back. 

"Dr Carol, my foot really, really hurts."

"Still? Ok, maybe you should tell your mom when you get home."

She is insistent. "I think you forgot something."

I have no idea what she is talking about. 

She puckers up her face and makes an "nnnnnnnn" sound. 

"Nnnnnn?" I still have no idea what she is talking about.

"Nnnnnnn," she repeats. 

Nnnnnnnn? I am clueless. What could I have forgotten? All I can think of is "nothing." I am pretty sure that is not the right answer. 

"Nnnnnnn," the princess says again.

Nnnnnn? Nada? This is a dual language classroom and maybe she is thinking in Spanish?

"I can't think of an nnnn word that would help your foot," I tell her. 

"Nurse's office!" she exclaims. "You need to take me to the nurse's office. The nurse will make my foot feel better."

Just then, the kindergarten teacher announces that it's time for recess, and my princess skips away. 

"We'll have to do it after recess, Dr. Carol. We can go to the nurse's office after recess.

Just another day in kindergarten....


Amy said...

Oh, this was a delight! I loved your brisk paced dialogue and the princess metaphor woven through. Miraculously cured right in time for recess :)

Jean said...

I am jealous of your time with the princess.