Monday, March 7, 2022

SLICE #7- A Hamster Wheel Kind of Day

 Today was a hamster wheel kind of day. You know one of those days where you go and go and go and go and go and go and go and never quite get anywhere? This morning I got up and I read some essays I was too tired to finish last night and I took my son to work and I drove to work on really icy roads and I taught and I went to a meeting that was cancelled and I taught some more and I ate an orange and I went to a meeting that wasn't cancelled and I worked with a teacher and then she had to go to a meeting that she forgot about and I answered a bunch of those 'miss there are two days left in the trimester and what can I do to raise my grade' and I taught a parent how to shelve books in the library and I came home and dropped Rooney off and fed the dogs and changed into jeans and I went to King Soopers to buy a cake for a friend's fiftieth birthday tomorrow and I went to Bible Study and now I'm home trying to get my slice published before 10:00 when slicing closes and then I will do Duolingo so I don't break my 75 day streak and then I will try to do a little school work and then I will go to bed so I can get up in five hours and do it all again. Definitely a hamster wheel kind of day. 

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Shawndastories said...

Great use of (lack of) punctuation to show how this day just kept going and going and going! The different meetings made me laugh--one that was cancelled, one that wasn't, and one forgotten :) Hope you get a moment to pause and relax tomorrow!