Thursday, March 17, 2022

Slice #17: Just a little marker


Five-year-old Juan examines a small cut across my right knuckle.

"What is that?" he says worriedly, "Is it marker?"

I glance down at my hand, noticing the cut for the first time. I have no idea how I got it, but it's evidently recent because it's still oozing a few drops of blood. "No, I think it's a real cut," I say. "See, it's bleeding a little."

"Does it hurt?" says Juan.

"No," I reply, "It doesn't hurt."

"Press on it and see if it hurts," he insists.

I press on my knuckle. "No, it doesn't hurt," I say. 

"Let me press on it," he says. 

I hold out my hand. He presses vigorously on my knuckle. "Does that hurt?" he asks again. 

"No, it doesn't hurt," I repeat. 

"It must be marker," he says. His diagnosis is clearly final. 

"It must be," I say. "Just a little marker."


Elisabeth Ellington said...

Such a tiny moment, so resonant through your careful observation and spare writing.

Jean said...

I agree with Elizabeth. This is a mentor small moment that lifts hearts.