Monday, March 21, 2022

Slice #21- Galaxy

 Maybe because I spend so much time with him, I write a lot about Rooney but there is another member in our family. It only seems fair to write about him too. 

Galaxy is a year and one-half old German Shepherd/Collie mix. He and his brother and sister were found under a dumpster in Houston when he was about six weeks old. Galaxy joined our family in November, 2020. Our old lab, Star, had died about before, at age 15. Rooney was going into advanced training. I thought that would be about a six month process. I didn't want to be a dog-less family. I was teaching from home, for what seemed like at least three more months and it seemed like a good time to add a new family member.  I found cute little Galaxy on a rescue website, and we brought him home a few days later. 

Galaxy is a busy, high-energy guy. He loves, loves, loves the out of doors and spends quite a bit of time in the backyard. laying on a snowbank most of the winter, and underneath the back deck when it gets hot. He loves, loves, loves Rooney and is thrilled when  comes home each day from his work as a service dog.  He loves going for long walks, and is especially thrilled when we happen upon another dog. He loves play dates and wags his tail frantically when I mention Cafe, a high-energy chocolate lab that comes to visit several times each month. 

Galaxy specializes in chewing and has destroyed multiple pairs of shoes, a television remote, books, a Longaberger basket, and a couch cushion, among other things. There seems to be no rhyme nor reason to his chewing. Sometimes he will go for weeks without eating anything, and then I'll come home and the couch is shredded  across the family room floor, the next day it will be my good boots

Galaxy loves me, fiercely and with his whole heart. When he is not outside, he lays with his head on my foot. He doesn't like sleeping with me, because it's too hot, but he always lays right next to the bed. Galaxy barks at my sons if they try to come too close. His job is to take care of me!

Galaxy has only been a member of our family for a little over a year. He's clearly taken charge and regularly bosses me and his older brother, Rooney, around. Even though he is kind of at the obnoxious teenager puppy stage, he's a lot of fun and really lovable. I hope I will be slicing about him for a long time!

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Jean said...

Welcome, Galaxy! Many stories to come!