Saturday, March 19, 2022

Slice #19- If my mom were alive...

If my mom was alive, I would be calling her right now, like I did every night around 6.

I would tell her I had Book Club today. 

And that we went to the new Tattered Cover in Westminster. 

I would tell her that I spent three hours this morning finishing the book 

(instead of house cleaning)

And then only one other person had finished,

So we are going to continue the discussion next month.

She would laugh when I told her about all of the trouble I had with the parking app. 

And how, after 15 minutes, the app finally decided that I was parking by Coors Field. 

Which isn't actually anywhere close to where I was. 

And how I thought I was old and stupid

That I couldn’t figure out the dumb app

Until my friend Brenna had similar issues. 

If my mom was alive,

I would tell her how I got home around 3 

and took Galaxy for a long walk

And how I started out in a hoodie

And had to take it off halfway through 

Because it was so warm,

And how the grass is suddenly, instantly green,

And how I saw daffodils starting to sprout

And how sad I feel that the brick bungalow down the street

Was torn down to make way for something

New and modern.

If my mom was alive, 

I would tell her how sad I am feeling

That my spring break plans 

are just not coming together

And how sad I feel

That I will probably end up staying home after all

And she would cluck sympathetically. 

And I would feel a little better.

If my mom were alive....


Ramona said...

Oh, Carol, such a heartfelt post. Hugs and hope that something works out for spring break. As always, I want to know what book your group was reading. I'm reading Anxious People for April.

Sharon said...

So many times, I've thought the same thing -- If my mom were alive. Thank you for sharing your heartfelt slice.

Eva Kaplan said...

I recently lost my mom so I related to your slice. What a perfect way to feel like you are actually talking to your mom….and feel she’s with you just a little. I plan to use your format. I can’t wait to have a chat with my mom. Thank you!

Denise Krebs said...

Carol, your poem is so rich. So many lovely specifics about your relationship with her. Blessings on your spring break, may it be rich and relaxing wherever it happens. My mom has been gone for 12 years now, but I would like to write in this format and see what I would have to say to her now. Peace to you.