Thursday, March 10, 2022

SLICE #10: The best laid plans...

Tuesday morning. 6:55 a.m.

I have already dropped Rooney with my friend, Terry, who will take him to training class at 10. 

I pull into the school parking lot and grab my teacher bag out of the back of the car,  then walk briskly toward the back door. I only have about 15 minutes before my first meeting, but if I plan well, I can do at least three errands on my way to my classroom. 

I get to the auditorium door and grab for my key card.

And that's when I realize I have left my key card hanging on the bathroom door at my house ten miles away.

Darn it!

I turn around to see if there is anyone else pulling up, who might perhaps let me walk in with them. 


I try texting the teacher I will be meeting with. 

Are you already in the building

No answer. 

I text another teacher whose classroom is close to an outer exit. 

I'll be right there, she replies. 

Phew. I walk the half a city block down to her classroom

Ten minutes later, my carefully planned schedule in ruins, I am in the building. 

Now all I have to do is find someone with a master key, to let me into my classroom. 

Nothing like getting off to a good start. 


JenniferM said...

Oh no! This is like a short version of when I think I'm going to get a lot done during my plan period and several random issues come up instead! I can't imagine a building that's as big as half a city block! What a stressful way to start the day!

Chris said...

UGH - one bump in the smooth routine and you're walking wayyyyy too far to a door. :(

Elisabeth Ellington said...

Oh no! I decided early this year (after the day I left my key card at home) that it would live permanently in the glove box in my car. Now if I accidentally end up with it in the house, I make myself take it right back outside where it belongs. Hopefully the rest of the day went smoothly!