Saturday, December 10, 2016


precarious tip
dubious sparkling lights
imperfection reigns

BACKSTORY: My boys went through a lot before I adopted them at ages 7 and 9. They have a lot of bad memories around holidays and the scars run deep. Because of that, our holidays are generally pretty low key. Last year, we didn't even put up the Christmas tree. This year, I decided I was going to put it up no matter what. It didn't go very smoothly. No one wanted to help. I had a hard time hauling the tree from the garage into the house by myself. I couldn't get the top on right. The lights wouldn't work. I couldn't find the hooks for the ornaments. By the end, I was pretty much convinced that somehow the tree is a metaphor for our less than perfect family.


Linda B said...

I wrote about the tree yesterday too. There is something about putting up a tree that brings the past with it. Your haiku shows that well.

Loralee said...

Your haiku posts say so much.