Thursday, July 2, 2015


When I go to baby showers, I usually try to bring a sibling present as well. Here are three new books I'll be wrapping in the not too distant future.

Farmer Brown and his crew are back. There's a new addition to the farmyard, Baby Duck, who charms everyone with his silly antics, until it's time to go to sleep, that is!

Review copy provided by publisher
Gwendolyn Grace, an alligator in a pink tutu, just wants to play. The new baby is asleep though, and Mother Alligator needs her to be quiet. Gwendolyn Grace needs to know exactly how quiet…

Review copy provided by publisher
Little Miss, from Rosenthal's PLANT A KISS is back. And is going to be a big sis! Rosenthal's rhyming text and Peter Reynolds' illustrations, convey the joys and irritations of siblinghood.
Sleep. Fuss. Eat.
Drool. Drool. 
So not cool.
Cry. Cry.
Little Miss marches into the room
Do not despair-- I'll help care!

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Unknown said...

OH I have to check out Click Clack Peep. We have a few of the books (bought them years ago for my stepdaughter at Kohls). Now that I'm reading a lot of those books to my son I've gotta search out this one.