Monday, July 27, 2015


I first saw this book poking out of Elisabeth Ellington's Tattered Cover bag last week, then read it at the library on Friday. It's one I definitely have to own. A princess figures prominently. As does her trusty steed (who is short and roly poly and has eyes that go two different directions. The trusty steed also has a flatulence issue (should I admit that I will share that page with my boys when I bring the book home from the book store…

OK, so as the story begins, Princess Pinecone is eagerly awaiting her birthday…

In a kingdom of warriors,
the smallest warrior was Princess Pinecone.
And she was very excited for her birthday.

Most warriors got fantastic birthday presents. 
Shields, amulets, helmets with horns on them. 
Things to win battles with.
Things that made them feel like champions.

Princess Pinecone got a lot of cozy sweaters.
Warriors do not need cozy sweaters. 

This year it would be different. Pinecone made sure to let everyone
know exactly what she wanted. A big horse. A fast horse.
A strong horse. A real warrior's horse. 

And they tried their best. 

But the horse that Princess Pinecone receives, is ummm, not quite what she had in mind.

And yet, when it comes time to face Otto the Awful in battle, her stubby little pony proves a trusty steed indeed.

A great parody! Perfect for the first week of school, when kids are just remembering how to do school. Perfect for a compare/contrast lesson with the PAPERBAG PRINCESS! Perfect for talking about archetypes in a high school literature classroom.

And just perfectly fun! This is definitely one to own!

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Ramona said...

Carol, your curriculum connections are perfect! I love the compare/contrast lesson with Paperbag Princess. I haven't read this yet, but I'm requesting it tonight. And now a question or two: Did you meet up with Elisabeth while she was in the Denver area? Or did you just spy her book bag on a post?