Tuesday, July 14, 2015


So should I admit it?

I am not very good at housework.

In fact, I pretty much stink at housework.

And besides that, I really hate housework.

My idea of housework is moving the stacks from the dining room table, where everyone sees them when they walk in the front door, to my office, in the basement, where I can pretty much shut the door and no one knows there are stacks.

The problem has been greatly exacerbated for the past year. Every Sunday, I go down to Colorado Springs (a 130 mile round trip) and spend the day with my mom. We go out to lunch. Sometimes do a little shopping. Watch the Rockies. I love spending the time with my mom. But that leaves only one day for housework and grocery shopping and errands and everything else that has to happen on weekends. Which means even less gets done.

At the beginning of the summer, I promised myself I was going to get serious. Throw out a bunch of stuff. Donate a bunch of stuff. Whip this house into shape. And I really did mean it.

But then my mom got sick and spent three weeks in the hospital and in rehab. And then my son totalled his car. And then he spent a week in the hospital. And I have not done very much housework.

About the first of July, I bought a book, THE LIFE CHANGING MAGIC OF TIDYING UP by Marie Kondo (When all else fails, buy a book, right?). Kondo advocates taking a category, e.g. clothes or books or papers and putting everything from that category into a big pile in the middle of the floor. Then you figure out what you want to keep and thank the rest for its service to you and then get rid of it. And I think that sounds great, in theory, except that I don't think I have a room in my house big enough to pile all my books. And I'm a little worried that I wouldn't get them put back and they would all sit in a gigantic pile for the next school year. And then besides that, the LIFE CHANGING MAGIC book got a little buried in several other piles of books and now I can't quite find it.

And now it's mid-July. And I'm teaching a class and responding to papers for twenty people each week. And trying to do #CYBER PD. And next week I have to take a class for three days during the day, then two more evening classes.

And the week after that is three days of classes and another evening class.

And then it's August 1st. And I'm pretty much headed back to work.

And the house hasn't really gotten cleaned.

Have I mentioned that I really stink at housework?


Michelle said...

Oh, Carol. We all stink at something. I do my best at cleaning, but I've got piles too. You are not alone. :) LOVE that you bought a book to help you out! (Only to get buried in the piles ...) Give yourself grace, my friend. Forgive yourself for you have no control of the circumstances and challenges that come up in life. You give and give and give of yourself. Take a deep breath, say a little prayer, and continue to do the best you can today. Little by little tackle what you can to take control of that housekeeping .... even if it takes until next summer. :)

Jennifer Sniadecki said...

I don't know you, but I think you and I must be long-lost twins! I hate housework, too! It's not too bad right now; just the piles of papers and boxes that I brought home from school to organize this summer. Yeah, right. My mom had a heart attack last fall, and my daughter just recently totaled her car. I hope everyone is healing with your family. I know how it feels. Take care, my Slicer friend, and thanks for sharing. Housework is overrated, anyway.

Linda B said...

I think that it's probably good that the book is lost. Putting everything in a pile in the middle of the room means that there IS a middle in which to put the pile! Not realistic at all. Busy people do the things that are important, like spending time with their moms and taking care of their children. I did laugh about carrying the pile from the dining table to another room. I know that trick, and it works too. Best wishes!

writekimwrite said...

This sounds so familiar. :) This summer I am making some progress because I have changed my expectations of myself. I am carving out little spaces of tidiness. Then I am doing things that bring joy to my spirit, reading, writing, praying and taking naps to name a few! Sending hugs and prayers and understanding!

Tara said...

There is only so much time in every day - you are spending them doing the things that count. Housework - meh, it can wait. PS. I hope that your son is on the mend, Carol -what a summer it's been.

Tabatha said...

I hear you -- I have piled stuff up in a bathtub before :-) !
Sometimes just doing small things to clean up makes you feel good, like giving away outgrown clothes or buying a new bookcase to get books off the floor. I bought some pretty boxes at Michael's this week to put herbal things in.

elsie said...

I think your priorities are right in order for you. No lamenting on housework, it's not worth it. Live your life with the people that matter and don't worry about "stuff."

Ramona said...

I checked out the book, mostly because it fulfills a square on my summer bingo card - read a book translated from another language. But I didn't finish it before it was due back at the library, so I'm hoping to borrow a friends' copy. You know we are soul sisters. I'm still working on the bedroom full of stuff I brought home from school last year when I retired. Let me know if you come across any great wisdom. I'm discovering that working longer on the project makes it easier to get rid of stuff.

Julie Johnson said...

Not being able to find the book made me chuckle. :) I started listening to the book and then stopped and didn't tidy a thing. There are so many more important things in life than housework. It sounds like you are doing those things! Don't stop.

Loralee said...

Spending time with your mom is what stood out to me the most. <3