Friday, July 10, 2015


My oldest son is going through a really dark, hard time right now. He has pretty much had to abandon his life dream, and doesn't yet have a new one in place. There is a rift between him and his brother, who has always been his best friend.  Some health issues are keeping him from getting a job and he is faced with long periods of loneliness and boredom. All summer, Langston Hughes poem, "Dreams" has been echoing in my head. This morning, I decided to try to find a couple of other new- to-me Langston Hughes' poems.

Hold fast to dreams
for if dreams die
life is a broken-winged bird
that cannot fly.

Hold fast to dreams
For when dreams go
Life is a barren field
Covered with snow.
Langston Hughes

Question (1) 
When the old junk man Death
Comes to gather up our bodies
And toss them into the sack of oblivion
I wonder if he will find
The corse of a white multi-millionaire
Worth more pennies of eternity
Than the black torso of
A Negro cotton-picker.

Langston Hughes

From Christ to Ghandi
Appears this truth-
Saint Francis of Assisi
Proves it, too:
Goodness becomes grandeur
Surpassing might of kings.
Halos of kindness
Brighter shine
Than crowns of gold,
And brighter
Than rich diamonds
The simple dew
Of love.

Langston Hughes

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Katie TheLogonauts said...

Powerful, thought-provoking poems, Carol. I'm so sorry for what your son is going through and hope that he finds the light and hope to draw him forward.

Tara said...

It's hard to hold fast to dreams...and yet that's what often pulls us through. I am thinking of you and your son, Carol - and hoping this dark time will pass soon.

Linda B said...

I imagine that the first means more to you and your son, Carol. He has always sounded like such a talented young man as I've heard you write about him. I know that he will find a dream that will help him get going again. Is it at all possible that he could become a volunteer somewhere helping young kids learn to play football? I wonder if it would help by doing some part of what he loves? And, I know the 2nd poem, too, so good, but that final one is new to me. What a beautiful thought Hughes has offered. Best wishes!

Donna Smith said...

The good thing about dark times is getting them behind you. Time puts them in their place. It always amazes me to glance back after getting to a "good place" again - one that I was sure I'd never get to when I was wallowing in the mire!
As Linda said, it is good to get out of your own self and give to others when you are in that place of losing a dream and not knowing which way to go. Getting involved in helping others who are in need of a hand, would be wonderful, whether it is with kids playing football, reading to someone who cannot read to themselves...taking your focus off your own troubles.
These poems are all gems. Thanks for sharing.

Ruth Ayres said...

Thank you. Thank you for sharing the poems. Thank you for your raw honesty. Thank you for writing. I'm praying for your family, Friend.