Sunday, July 5, 2015


People who regularly read my blog will be surprised to see a book that features cats because they know I'm a dog person, but this one's too good to pass up!

Miss Hazeltine opens a home for shy and fearful cats and soon has many companions, including Crumb, the most fearful cat of all. Miss Hazeltine teaches her new friends all kinds of lessons- Bird Basics, Climbing Up and Climbing Down, Scary Noises, Meeting New Friends, Pouncing, and the hardest lesson of all- How Not to Fear the Broom. Crumb doesn't participate in these lessons, instead, he spends most of his time hiding in pitch black places. One day though, Miss Hazeltine sets out to get more milk for the cats. On the way home, she falls into a ditch and hurts her ankle. It's up to Crumb, to lead Miss Hazeltine's band of timid cats, armed with the broom, to save her!

A terrific read aloud for the beginning of the year. An engaging story, not too long, great language, terrific illustrations by Birgitta Sif. You could also use it for discussions on bravery or growth mindset or character change.  This dog lover thoroughly enjoyed MISS HAZELTINE'S HOME FOR SHY AND FEARFUL CATS!

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Tabatha said...

That looks adorable -- love the cover!