Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I come back from two hours in the cafeteria to find a large yellow sticky note affixed to the front of my computer. LOOK AT THE BOOKSHELF! Per orders. I turn around and look at the bookshelf. Usually the shelves groan with books from my personal library- books I've recently read, books I think kids will want to pick up, books to tempt my non-reading friends into my world of words. Right now, however, we are mid-test, and there cannot be any print visible in the room, so all of the books sit in sad stacks on one end of the shelf, waiting for this two weeks to be over

Today, however, the shelves have a new filler. A huge chocolate cake, probably half sheet-cake sized fills an entire shelf. I'm not that surprised to see the cake because my fifth and sixth grade friends stash stuff in my office on a fairly regular basis. What I am a a little surprised at, however, is the yellow sticky note stuck right in the middle on the top. "We will come and get this cake at 2:30. Please Don't Eat It!" I wonder if the kids have visions of me hunting down a plastic cafeteria fork and digging in, and am not sure whether I should be amused or offended.

And as if they needed to add insult to injury, V and S show up at my door. "Did you see our cake?" S asks. "It's right there on your bookshelf."

"Yeah," says V. "But don't eat it because we are having a going away party for D (who is moving to a town two hours south) and we need it at 2:30."

Ok, then…


Mary said...

I hope they shared a smidge with you. It's sad that books have to be stashed away for a test--doesn't seem right.

Nanc said...

I can beat that...picking up one of my groups one of my boys takes one look at me and look tired Mrs. H., I said, I did wake up a little too early (I was freaking out about my new hair cut). But then this astute little boy goes on.... I really mean just don't look good...hmm...great way to start the morning! I need to teach kind comments 101 with this one.