Saturday, March 19, 2011

SLICE #19-The journey to adulthood

Tonight I went to see my friend Claudia. Claudia wanted me to to meet her grandson, Jace, who is six weeks old. When I met Claudia, Jace's mom, Christina, was in middle school. Christina was a strong, opinionated young woman. On a fairly regular basis, Christina's opinions got her into trouble. I remember her being suspended once or twice for talking back to teachers or fighting with other kids in the hall…

Like I always knew she would, Christina grew up to be a way cool gal. When I adopted my boys, she had just graduated from college, and was pursuing her teaching certification. In those early days, Christina was my go to gal, a babysitter extraordinaire. I was an assistant principal with lots of extra responsibilities, and at least once a week, "Miss Christina" would pick up the boys, take them home, feed them, do homework, and then put them to bed. My boys loved Christina- she was pretty and funny and young and lots of fun.

Two years ago, my boys danced with Christina at her wedding. And now she has a baby, Jace. Tonight I held Jace and rocked him. And thought about Christina's sometimes bumpy journey to adulthood.

It gave me hope for my boys…

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