Friday, March 4, 2011

SLICE OF LIFE #4- Tomatoes are my favorite vegetable

J is generally one of the last kindergartners to clear out of the cafeteria, so I am not surprised to see him sitting at the end of the bench today after the rest of his five and six-year-old buddies have left for the playground. Because he is usually one of the last kids to finish eating, he and I have become good friends this year, and I make my way down to say hello.

J is generally a pretty happy little kid, but today he is even more happy than usual. "Dr. Carol," he shouts in a tone several decibels over indoor voice level, "Dr. Carol, look what I got!" Before I can get close enough to see, he is at it again, "Dr. Carol, Miss G. (one of the cafeteria ladies) made me tomatoes. Tomatoes are my favorite vegetable! And they have ranch dressing."

I draw a little closer and see that J does indeed have a tomato, cut into quarters, and covered with ranch dressing. His face, his shirt, and the table are all covered with ranch dressing. "Miss G. made me tomatoes," he shouts again. "I love tomatoes! I didn't like any of those other vegetables today, so she made me my own tomatoes!" He is beyond ecstatic and gobbles an entire tomato as I watch.

When he is done eating, he throws away his tray, then comes back to find me. "We have to go talk to Miss G," he says, putting his still sticky hand in mine. We head for the back of the cafeteria.

"Thank you, Miss G," says J, "I loved those tomatoes. Tomatoes are my favorite vegetable."

"Sure J," replies Ms. G. "I'll make you some more next week."

"Did you hear that?" J says to me as we walk out of the cafeteria. "Ms. G is going to make me more tomatoes. I love tomatoes. They're my favorite vegetable."

Aside from catsup and tomato sauce, I really don't much care for tomatoes. And I know that they are not a vegetable. Even so, today tomatoes were my favorite vegetable too.


Andi Poe said...

That is a moment that makes you glad you chose to be a teacher. The moments you want to write down so that you can remember!

Lynnelle said...

What a great part of the day to capture!! They are not my favorite "vegetable" either.

Ruth said...

What a great post--and a great thing for this little guy. I cannot believe he really loves tomatoes! Thanks for sharing this story.

Mary Lee said...

I'll be reading your life this month! Maybe not one day at a time, but every daily reflection! I love hearing your voice!

Nanc said...

What a sweet, sweet little boy and an amazing person who cares enough to do something special for this little guy. I love when kids say thank you and get so excited. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to your blog every single day !