Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Slice of Life #22- World Water Day

Happy World Water Day!

Did you know that one third of the wells built in developing countries
in the last 20 years are broken?
Did you know 4000 children die each year
because they don't have clean drinking water?

Today I'm joining with bloggers from all over the world.

We are asking people to donate $20.
(In my life, that's how much I spend if we go out for semi-fast food one time
Or how much I spend each week on snacks for kids at school
Or how it costs to take my sons to the movies one time- with no snacks).

Your donations will be used not to build more wells,
but rather to train and employ handpump mechanics.
The mechanics earn an income,
bringing themselves out of poverty
and they save lives-
turning water back on for thousands of people each year.

Our mission is to raise $10,000 to repair the wells of India.
If we raise $10,000 the funds will be matched by The Prem Rawat Foundation.

That $20,ooo could bring water to lots and lots of people.
It could give jobs to lots of people.
It could save lots of lives.

Can you please help?
You can donate here.

You can check out THE ADVENTURE PROJECT here.


LibraryDragon/Storykeeper said...

What an important project. Thank you for writing about it.

Wanda Brown said...

Water...the word is such a constant in our is hard to comprehend that others do not have it.

Tam said...

It's like our bridges here in the US. It's time update old things. I never even considered wells in other countries. We have a well, and when one house goes out, neighbors let others hook on to their spickets. I guess it's not that easy for these people. Thanks for letting me know of this need.