Sunday, March 20, 2011


So for years, I've been trying to figure out the "Sabbath" thing.
And I just don't quite get it.
Are there really people whose lives are so together
that they can take an entire day
every week
and just worship
or relax
and re-invigorate
for the next week?
Those people really exist?

Because today,
I got up and went to church,
I went to Sam's Club
and the regular grocery store,
and unloaded $300 worth of groceries.
I worked on taxes.
I took my son to get his hair re-braided
And did work in the car for two hours
while I waited for him.
I fed my kids.
I did a couple of hours of school work,
And now it's ten o'clock,
And I still haven't written my Slice of Life,
or prepared for the professional development I have to lead tomorrow,
And the sink is full of dishes
that I need to do before I go to bed.

I just don't get the Sabbath thing.


Ruth said...

I could relate to this post is so many ways. I sometimes think that I should commit to taking one day a week "keeping the Sabbath". I wonder what would happen over time?

MaryHelen said...

Something to think about. I like the way you questioned and kept the reader going through your short, quick tasks.

Amanda said...

I too think about this often. For me, I think the desire and the discipline of the Sabbath are two very separate things. I have one, and the other is all-too elusive it seems.