Saturday, March 5, 2011


I know before I get out of the car that I will be "other." Today is the Historic Black Colleges Fair at the boys' high school. Although I have been talking to my sons about the fair all week, today they are saying that they do not want to go. I want the information so I go alone. And I am "other." One of the only Anglo people in the entire gym.

None of the representatives sitting at the tables look like me. None of the students picking up information look like me. Only a few of the adults accompanying the students look like me.

I sign in, feeling the need to explain that my sons were not able to come, then move from table to table, picking up information. I don't see many kids I recognize- most of the kids from my sons' high school are probably watching their team at the state basketball tournament. People are cordial, but I feel very out of place. I gather what I need, then leave the gym as quickly as I can.

It's a not a good feeling, this feeling of "other."


OneSunflower said...

It isn't often that I read slices about being an "other." Thank you for sharing and reminding me that there are always others, whether or not I am one of them or not.

Laura Lynn Benson said...

I will stand with be your co-other. Lots of love...