Monday, April 1, 2019

Dog Days- #1/30

"It's just the most amazing thing to love a dog, isn't it?  John Grogan

Olive, Corgi, 8 weeks old, came home to live with my friend Val this weekend. 
I've been trying for several weeks to decide whether I was going to participate in April Poetry Month. I finally decided I am going to give it a try. My theme, I think, for this month, is "Dog Days." I'm going to try to write thirty-ish days of dog-related poems. Today's poem is a tanka (5 lines, 5 7 5 7 7).

"On Walking Through the Front Door"
those days when I scale 
the highest peaks, your tail wags
and those days when I have 
failed miserably and more
than once, your tail wags 

(C) Carol Wilcox, 2019


Ramona said...

Olive is precious! I've never had a dog, but I love reading about them and the people who love them. It will be fun to read your dog poems this month.

Tamara said...

Thirty “Dog Days” sounds wonderful. Here you capture the comfort of coming home to this most loving of friends. There’s nothing else like it.❤️

Cathy said...

I stopped by yesterday, wondering if you would be posting poetry, but I must have been a bit early. I'm so glad you're going to continue your writing streak into poetry month.

Elisabeth Ellington said...

This makes me very happy! I had the thought of writing 31 cat poems. Not sure yet if I'm really going to do that. Poetry is hard for me already and adding a limitation like that makes me very nervous. This is a strong opening poem, Carol, that captures so simply and beautifully the dog's constant joy.

Mary Lee said...

I WANT A CORGI!!! Olive is so darn CUTE! A month of dog poems...heaven! That all-accepting tail wag...heaven!