Thursday, April 18, 2019

Poem 18/30- Dog Days

Baxter, a chiweenie looking for a home

April is National Poetry Month. I have chosen "Dog Days" as my theme, and every day this month, I will be attempting to write a poem having to do with dogs. Today's poem is totally ridiculous. Tonight, on the neighborhood website, someone shared a picture of Baxter, a "chiweenie" (chihuahua/dachshund) that she is currently fostering. That got me thinking about other "designer dogs." I knew about golden doodles, and my search led me to two other websites, with all kinds of cross-breeds. A lot of them are really fun to say, and I just kind of started messing around with them. The poem has absolutely no deeper meaning, it was just kind of fun to play around with...

"Designer Dogs"

golden doodle, labradoodle
double doodle, chusky

chiweenie, malador
cheagle, alusky 

yorktese, yorkipoo
yoranian, chug

puggle, pittplot
papshund, frug

beabull, labrabull
sharpassett, dorgi

schnoodle, cockapoo
cavador, morkie

Designer dogs are not for me
 Heinz 57 fits perfectly!

(C) Carol Wilcox, 2019

And in case you didn't get enough, here are some more I considered using...
beaglier, labradinger, pomski, germanpei, bassettpei, corgipoo, labradinger, papateese,aussie doodle, golden dachs, gerberian shepsky, goberian, weimardoodle, jack-a-poo, basschund, cavador, bo-jack, jackshund, cavachon pomchi


Linda B said...

Very clever, Carol. For years, my brother ran a foster program for all kinds of animals and he does not like the 'designers', things people should just love the purebreds or the random mixes. It's just his thing! I think those golden doodles are cute! Is there really a Chiweenie?

Ramona said...

These are amazing. I think my favorites are the pitpott (pit bull and what?), the puggle, and the cockapoo. You must have had fun arranging the names. When I have time, I'll have to check the links. Maybe they even have pics!

Amy LV said...

Oh, this is so FUNNY! I can barely believe these names are all real. Sometimes I laugh at the names of dogs when people tell me about their pups. I am off to share your dog poems with my mom. She loves dogs so - she is the real Miss Betsy. xxxx

Mary Lee said...

Why do humans insist on naming these weird breed combinations? I'm with you -- let's just go with Heinz 57 and call it good!

Randomly Reading said...

I love this poem and I agree, Heinz 57 pups are the best.

jama said...

Such fun wordplay! All those dog breeds are wonderful too (many new to me). :)

Ruth said...

It's so fun to just say these words. Thank you!

Tabatha said...

Fun poem, Carol! Our dog looks a little like a shark, a seal, a bat, a deer, and a kangaroo (depending on what she is doing) so it is tempting to come up with combo names for her.

Jane @ said...

What fun! My mom had a dog growing up, and when I asked her what kind of dog he was, she just smiled and said that God only knew, since no one else did! ;-)

Kimberly Hutmacher said...

So clever and fun, Carol! We have the opposite of designer dogs. They are much more on the line of Heinz 57, and they were all rescues. They might not be designer, but they are the sweetest :)

Kay said...

What fun! I'm with you, though, our Heinz 57 mutt is the best dog ever, but I do have to admit that my brother's golden doodle (his white golden retriever bred with a friend's labradoodle) is adorable.

Heidi Mordhorst said...

So much fun to say! Makes me want to meet them all--but one at a time, please!