Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Dog Days- #10/30- Room Service

April is National Poetry Month. This year, I've chosen "Dog Days" as my theme. Every day, for these thirty days, I will write a poem about dogs. Today's is another poem about Star, my twelve-year-old Lab/Pointer mix.

"Room Service"

for years Princess Star
lived hopefully
the crinkle of a cheese wrapper
in the kitchen would bring her running
 from three rooms away
at mealtimes her head rested on my knee,
absolutely sure there would be handouts
if she was only patient enough

but now, my gray-muzzled girl
moves slowly and painfully
ascends stairs with great difficulty
spends her days napping
on a pile of old blankets
beside my bed

i carry her food dish
down the stairs every morning
save the last bite of tuna sandwich
take my dinner plate
to  her throne
in the bedroom

my dowager
deserves room service

(C) Carol Wilcox, 2019


Linda B said...

And this is what we do for our beloved pets. It's a beautiful poem, Carol. I know my dogs came running, too, at the slightest possibility of a snack. I love your idea of now giving "room service" - wonderful!

Amy LV said...

Oh, Carol. This is beautiful. So so true. My mom's dog Max (upon whom Betsy is loosely based) is now growing old too. My mom waits on him as if he were a king. Because he is. I am going to catch up on this series in May. And right now I am going to share it on my blog. Students will love these and will want to write their own along with you. Thank you! I am so glad I got here today (it has been a month of travel!) Woof and a hug. xxxx

Elisabeth Ellington said...

So heartfelt and another perfect poem about a beloved pet's old age. I love the photo of Star too. Those eyes!