Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Dog Days 2/30

April is National Poetry Month. This year, I'm trying to write thirty poems around the theme, "Dog Days." Today's effort is a poem in two voices, a sort of conversation between me and my dog. It's just a first draft, and it needs some revision, but at least I tried.

                                          I Waited For You
                                     A Poem In Two Voices
This morning
I left before dawn
hit the ground running

I laid on your bed
in the spot shaped like you
and waited for you
I sat through three meetings
dug into data
monitored progress

I moved to the couch
growled at the squirrels
and waited for you
I read seventy essays
taught three writing classes
conferred with the masses

I followed the sun
dozed on the deck
and waited for you
I went to Spanish
stopped at the store
picked up a few groceries

I let my boys feed me
splashed in the water dish
and waited for you
I push open the front door
unzip my boots
I want my couch.

I hear you upstairs
fly into a frenzy
I’ve waited for you.
It's time for our walk!


Linda B said...

I didn't realize you were writing a poem a day, Carol. This is exactly what it's like, I see blocks of images at each part, missing each other!

Ramona said...

So fun to see him waiting patiently throughout the day. My favorite image - "I laid on the be in the spot shaped like you." A faithful friend!

Ramona said...

bed, not be

Mary Lee said...

Love the repetition of the dog waiting!