Friday, April 26, 2019

Poem #24/30- Dog Days

Not sure what happened . This was posted last night (Ramona can attest to this because she commented), then I had a typo and pulled it back to correct it. I thought I re-published it, but then when I went back to check it was gone. Yesterday, when I was driving to school, I saw the world's cutest Golden Retriever puppy, out for a morning potty break. Then, 12 hours later, on the way to Spanish class, I saw a super cute black lab puppy.

Bookends from a dog watcher's day....

six am
golden retriever 
sits placidly
exact cebbter
of sidewalk square
while twenty something owner
clad in flannel bathrobe
does potty dance
on chilly April morning

six pm
two men chat across picket fence
while black lab pup
sporting new red collar
wriggles in owner's arms
anxious to share puppy kisses
with his new neighbor

(C) Carol Wilcox, 2019

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Ramona said...

Observations at opposite ends of day-always there for the dog lover who pays attention!