Sunday, April 21, 2019

20/31- Dog Days

Happy National Poetry Month! This month I'm writing a series of 30 poems about dogs. Today is a story poem about my dog Star. Star is an eager eater, to put it mildly. Since she was a puppy, she's been notorious for digging food out of the trash, snatching food off of the counter, and even finding food when we are out walking. As she has aged, her caloric intake has impacted her weight just a little. My vet reminds me every time we go that carrying extra weight is not good for her. I know that, and I try really hard, but...

"Maintaining Her Girlish Figure"

Dr. Margo examines Star's chart.
"She's gained a little weight," she says.
"What are you feeding her?
Senior Weight Loss," I respond.

I wonder if I should mention
the empty tuna can she managed to snag off the counter
or the moldy hamburger buns she dragged out of the trash earlier today
and then there's the oreo she snatched out of my hand this morning
and my son's hamburger helper pan which made quite the crash
as she pulled it off the stove last night.
Two nights ago when we were out walking
she found a discarded ham and cheese sandwich
on the south side of the middle school
and she chased that with a half slice of pizza
she discovered on the north side.
Then last night, there was
that half-eaten Chinese takeout box
a treasure she discovered at construction site
and the bread crusts at the Italian restaurant around the corner.

How much do you feed her? the vet asks.
"One cup, twice a day." I answer firmly.
"I use a measuring cup."

(C) Carol Wilcox, 2019


Linda B said...

She sounds like my dalmatian, Sophie, of a long time ago, never missed a bite! Love "I wonder if I should mention. . ." Happy Easter!

Elisabeth Ellington said...

This is hilarious! Oh Star!

Mary Lee said...

There's the truth, and then there's that OTHER truth! Both are true!

Cathy said...

This made me laugh right down to the end, "One cup, twice a day."

Ramona said...

So much fun! And your answers to the vet are filled with the truth (mostly), along with that one cup, twice a day of Senior Weight Loss. It sounds so boring, no wonder Star enriches her diet!