Friday, April 1, 2016


This morning I left Phoenix at 6:30. It's about a 14 hour drive, so I thought I would have time to slice tonight. I walked in my door at 12:35 a.m., about 18 hours after I left.

I survived:
- two construction detours (1 hour each)
- a missed exit in Albuquerque (I make the same mistake every time I go. And every time I promise myself I am not going to make it again, and then I do (30 minutes).
- snow, fog, rain, sleet, ice, more fog, more sleet.

I am really, really, really glad to be home.
And in my mind, I sliced 31 days.


elsie said...

I agree with you, you did slice every day. Glad you made it back home safely. Sleet is no fun! Hope you rest up today.

Elisabeth Ellington said...

Wow! That was a driving adventure to be sure. I thought it was heroic of you to do a 14-hour drive, but knowing it turned into 18 makes it even more heroic! Glad you're back safe. You totally sliced 31 days. And I'm so glad you did. Your blog is a daily treat for me. I learn so much from you about how to notice and observe, how to bring more wonder to my life, and how to write about hard things.

Ramona said...

This counts! What a day of driving. Glad you're back home safe and sound, hopefully with new granddaughter pics to share.

Michelle Li said...

So glad you made it home safe and sound. When she gets older, your granddaughter will appreciate how far you traveled to spend some precious time with her.
You're amazing for continuing to blog during your road trip!

Carol Varsalona said...

Carol slicing for 31 days is such an event of stamina and you certainly held to your initial thought. Congratulations on making it through a very long drive to fulfill your pledge to yourself.