Sunday, April 17, 2016



Yes, I know you told me
those light colored pants
would not wear well
they would show
every bit of dirt
and we wouldn't be able
to get the spots out

and then after I bought them
with the money I earned sweeping
the back room at Hoffsteter's Grocery
you said I should definitely not wear them
except on Easter Sunday
and yes, I know the $6 I spent
on the straw hat like Grandpa's
was ridiculous too
I should have put it in savings bonds

and now, here I am
standing out in the yard
in my unwashable
light colored pants
 there's a mud streak
on the back of the left leg
and you are absolutely right
it probably won't come out

and I have only worn the hat once
to church on Easter Sunday
and all the guys made fun of it
and I was embarrassed,
and I probably shouldn't have bought it
I know I won't wear it very often

but there are some times
a guy's gotta consider
who he might wanna be


(C) Carol Wilcox, 2016

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