Saturday, April 30, 2016


I've been writing poems all month with Mary Lee. 
Tonight is the last one. 
I adore my dear friend
And she is an amazing poet
but this is hard work for me
and I'm glad it's over. Phew!


 a snap happy clicker 
"Say cheese"
and  there is time
to move closer
suck in the gut
 lift the chin
smile broadly

but occasionally
the camera is too quick
smiles do not have time to fix
a sliver of doubt 
a gleam uncertainty
are captured for all time

Not all families
take happy pictures

(C)  Carol Wilcox, 2016


Mary Lee said...

And I adore you for jumping into April with me after you've just finished a month of slicing! You are one writer extraordinaire!

This photo, in fact, makes a good companion piece to some of your family-oriented slices.

Enjoy May! BREATHE! Only write when you want to! I wish we could meet at Tattered Cover today and clink our coffee/tea mugs in celebration!


Carol said...

I wish we could meet too! It would be fun to debrief this experience! Kevin and Steve and others too!