Thursday, March 31, 2016

SLICE #30- A Day in Phoenix

OK, so another day where I technically didn't slice.

And again, it's after midnight, so again, technically, it's really the 31st.

But again, I haven't gone to bed yet, so it's still Wednesday to me. Here's my day in Phoenix.

First, we did a little car repair…

Then we went to Burger King. Catsup and ranch dressing are good on anything!

We spent a terrific three hours at the Phoenix Children's Museum! This is in the treehouse area, but we also loved, loved, loved the tent making and parachute room! Grandma's iPhone choose a particularly inappropriate time to shut down!

Then we had dinner with C's dad and Esveidy's grandfather.

And now it's 1:00, and I'm sitting in my hotel room, thinking that in about five short hours, I need to be on the road back to snowy Denver!

You can bet I will be planning another trip to Phoenix really, really soon!


elsie said...

Those hours with your granddaughter can't compare to writing a slice. She is precious and every moment is gold.

Michelle Li said...

Carol, these pictures are great! So much joy. E. is precious and clearly enjoys her special time with grandma. Safe travels!

Karen said...

She is precious! I hope your travels ended well, but that face and smile would make me want to drive far miles as well!