Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Slice #8

As a first year teacher,
I wasn't very good at very many things.
But there is one thing that I have always been good at.
And that's READ ALOUD!
I love, love, love to read aloud.
And I'm always fussing at people around me
about the importance of read aloud.

Earlier this year,
I convinced the leadership team
at my school that we should start reading aloud to kids.
Every single morning.
I put together a calendar.
I read every morning.
Rotating through classes
from kindergarten through fifth grade,
I mostly read in English.
But I also read in one very tolerant Spanish classroom.

This morning I went to kindergarten.
I took along a new book.
Usually I only read one book.
Ten minutes and I'm out
and teachers go on with their day.

Today, though, I had no sooner walked in the door
than D approached me.
She's a sweet little thing
With looong brown hair
That's always looks like it
could use a good brushing.

She stays for after school program
and every afternoon she approaches
my post on hall duty,
wraps her ams around my waist
tips her head back
and purses her lips.
Every afternoon,
I have to tell her I love her,
But that teachers can't kiss kids at school.

Today she has two new books.
Disney Princess books.
"Look, Dr. Carol, look what I got.
My auntie bought them for me."
Will you read one of my books?

I want to say no.
But then I wonder
if anyone will ever read the Princess book.
I look at D's teacher.
"Do we have time for two?"
"Sure," she says, "you can never have
 too many read alouds."

I tell D that I will read the giraffe book,
and THEN we can read ONE of the chapters in the princess book.
The whole time I am reading GIRAFFE,
D stands against me,
Not quite leaning on my,
But so close that I can tell she wants to.

And then we read the PRINCESS book.
D wants to stand beside me
but somehow, M convinces her to sit down
And there she sits
a read aloud princess
with tangled brown hair
atop an orange plastic throne
falling in love with books.

THERE'S A GIRAFFE IN MY SOUP by Ross Burach- review copy provided by publisher.


Michelle said...

Hooray for read alouds! Hooray for hooking kids with books! Hooray for supporting D and her book selection! Hooray for agreeing to read her book ... even though you wanted to say no!

Stacey Shubitz said...

I am confident you will forever hold a special place in D's heart for the love and kindness you extend her. (And I know she has a special spot in yours.)

Elisabeth Ellington said...

This is an important story, Carol. I'm thinking about Donalyn Miller's words about "blessing" our students' books. I know that I never choose certain types of books for readaloud. Certain kinds of books that kids love to read never get blessed by me. Now you've got me thinking!