Monday, March 7, 2016

SLICE #7- A Career in Eight Phases

Phase #1: Entry   
You might want to think about elementary school.
I look very young.
Advisor tells me I would probably have trouble 
with management in high school. 
Not to mention that I look the same age as my student. 

Phase #2: Overwhelmed
First job. 
So excited. 
I work 12 or 14 hours a day. 
Drag home bagfuls of work
every single night.
And pretty much every weekend.

Phase #3: Teacher/Mommy
"Mommy," says a six-year-old,
and is then embarrassed.
You aren't my mommy.
But I wish you were

Phase #4: Ready for a change.
Literacy coach?
Sure, I'll try it.

Phase #5: In search of challenges.
Sure? Why not?
Professional Development?
Sure? Why not?
Principal's license?
Sure? Why not?

Phase #6: Back to My Roots
Fourth grade?
Sure? Why not?

Phase #7: Grandma/Teacher
They used to call my mommy.
I am startled, 
at least a little
when it switches to Grandma.

Phase #8 : Nearing the Finish Line
Haven't you retired yet?
No, I still love it.
Maybe a few more years.
Or maybe…


Ramona said...

Such a fun way to look at your career. I might have to borrow your format. Many are surprised at the things I still do even though I've been retired almost two years. I've written a bit of curriculum, substituted, and best of all started an after school book club. I'm sure you'll retire when the time is right for you.

elsie said...

I had to laugh when the Mommy switched to Grandma. Love the glimpse through your life in school. Retirement is great, but not if you still have the passion for the work. Schools need you!

Jone said...

This is lovely. I am nearer to the retirement finish line (two years).

Karen said...

I so love your career phases! I also get called "grandma" many times a day when visiting classrooms and working side by side with teacher and students. It always makes me chuckle.
True story - in my first job, one of my middle school students thought I was a new girl in the school and asked me out in the hallway the first morning. Imagine his surprise when he showed up in my classroom 2 periods later.

Michelle said...

Look at all that you have accomplished! And think about how many students you have reached through your love and caring. Just amazing -- and if you still got it the passion, stick with it! You still have so much to share and offer! Plus, aren't you still working on your Spanish? (Just read that slice with a laugh!)