Wednesday, March 30, 2016


So I guess I missed posting on Day #29.
Technically anyway.
It's after midnight, 12:04 right now
So technically, I guess it's the 30th and I didn't get a post up.
But I haven't gone to bed yet.
And so it's really still the 29th for me.

It's been a really full day in Arizona.
I got up this morning and fired up my computer.
I thought I would write early and have it over with.

But then C, my granddaughter's mother called.
They wanted me to go to breakfast.
And so I did.

And then C wanted to for a haircut.
And so I babysat.
She thought it would only take a couple of hours.
But it actually took about five.
And by the time she got home
Esveidy was hungry
And I had promised her we would have In-n-Out burger for dinner.
So I had to go pick that up.

While I was driving there,
I thought, "I didn't slice today.
I should run back to the hotel and get my computer."
I knew I was going to babysit
so C could go out with friends.
But I didn't think I had time to go all the way back.

And then I thought,
"Maybe they will get home early
and I can slice when they get back."
But that didn't happen either.

And then I got a little lost coming back to the motel
and took several detours.
And then I couldn't get into my room
because the key card didn't work
and I won't even tell you about
the motel clerk's face
when he told me their card machine
was a dinosaur
and I told him that I could remember
when we used keys to get into motel rooms.

So now it's 12:15 a.m.
And I have not sliced yet.
But I am counting this as my Tuesday slice.
Because I really did have good intentions.


Ramona said...

It counts! What a full day. We've all been there. Looking forward to pics of your sweet granddaughter!

elsie said...

Life gets in the way of time limits. I bet you would not trade one minute of time with that precious grandbaby for sitting and typing on a computer. Savor your time, it's all too short with this little girl.

Linda B said...

Sounds like a wonderfully busy day, Grandma! I love that you are doing so much with Esveidy, and getting to know her mother too. Girls need to stick together! And I think it counts, too, like Ramona!

Michelle Li said...

What a wonderfully full day you had. I love grandmother-granddaughter relationships. They are so special.
And yes, totally counts as a slice for Tuesday!