Saturday, November 30, 2013


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Ruth Ayres started "Celebrate This Week" about two months ago, as a way of helping people remember all the rich blessings of their week. This week I'm celebrating these two…

I'm celebrating successful navigation through the airport
and a safe trip home from Arizona.
(ok, so there was that one phone call about how you get from Terminal 3 to Terminal 4 
in the Phoenix airport, but they found the shuttle and so we will just ignore it).
Should I mention that they are so grown up 
that I hardly recognized the two young men coming toward me
across the airport?

I'm celebrating 
sitting in the back seat
all weekend 
listening to my two guys
best friends talking about 
football and music and girlfriends and life

This week
I'm celebrating 
that for the first time in several years
both boys both accompanied me to my sister's house
for a holiday dinner with my sister and her family and my mom.
Holidays have not always held happy memories for my guys
and they often refuse to participate or withdraw
but this year they went without protests, 
and sat at the table all the way through dessert,
and even conversed a little.
I'm celebrating the growth and healing 
that has taken place
over the last ten years. 

This week
I'm celebrating
a three hour math tutoring session
with one son
School is hard for him
and he probably is not going to pass algebra
again this semester
I'm celebrating his perseverance
his willingness
to try again and again
that huge old heart
that hasn't given up
after two years
the dreams that keep him
in school 
when it would be so much easier 
just to quit. 

I'm celebrating
 that my guys
are trying to overcome past mistakes
and  make better choices
it's hard at home
where many of their friends 
expect them to participate 
in the same poor choices
that they used to make
my boys committed to each other
that they were not going to do those things
last night they went out together
split up and somehow got separated
had a heated phone conversation
a two hour raised voice discussion at home
I listened from my bedroom
as they pounded the table 
and discussed and reconciled
I'm celebrating their commitment
and huge loyalty
to each other. 

This week
I'm celebrating
growth toward adulthood.
More thank you's,
and "Can I carry that for you?"
and cleaning up after themselves
and getting up at a reasonable time
and being ready for things
when I ask them to be ready 
Even a few unprompted "I love you's."

This week I'm celebrating 
the privilege
of being a mom.


Jaana said...

Carol, you truly have so much to celebrate! I loved reading about your boys' commitment to each other. You can be a proud mother!

Sarah Holst said...

Carol, I agree that there is no greater privilege than being a mom, what a beautiful sentiment to start my day. Your boys sounds like incredible young men. I'm excited to connect with another Colorado teacher too and will return often to your blog.

Linda B said...

There are meandering roads we follow as parents, and I'm happy to hear you've had such a good time, Carol. They indeed are growing up!

Terje said...

Being a mom is a privilege. Seeing the children grow brings joy and a bit of sadness too.

Tara @ A Teaching Life said...

Growth and healing....and a loving mom. I can feel your joy all the way to the east coast, Carol.

Margaret Simon said...

You have much to celebrate and to acknowledge such a great accomplishment. Even though the struggle does not end, you know the importance of celebrating each step along the way.

Ramona said...

Carol, I loved hearing about your holiday with your sons. So much to celebrate. Isn't it fun to listen in from the back seat?

Amy Rudd said...

Such happy things to celebrate...I hope things continue in a positive direction for your guys. It seems like your influence as a mom has made a difference in their lives (exactly what moms hope for in the end).

elsie said...

Time together is precious. This sounds like it has been a great one for you. said...

Oh Carol, I have tears of gratitude running down my cheeks. Your boys, like all of us, are not perfect and have traveled the hard and bumpy road towards adult and family oriented choices. While for a few kids out there it might "seem" like the road is easy, my sister in law always said that every child will have a "bumpy" and usually downright "rocky" stretch as they make their way to adulthood. Your boys, who have kept you up countless nights, this year gave your a lifetime of happy memories.

Unknown said...

That was beautiful. Reminds me to be grateful. And to keep the dream.