Saturday, April 30, 2022

National Poetry Month 2022- Poem the Last!- An Abecedarian of Wonderments

Finally, the last poem!!! This has been one of the hardest April Poetry Months I think I have ever done.I just didn't have anything to say. Every night I struggled and procrastinated and tried to decide whether I should just quit. I kept going, but I wrote lots of embarrassingly bad poetry. Oh well, I tried. 

Poem the last is an Abecedarian.

"An Abecedarian of Wonderments"

Always keep you heart open

Because you are bound to be blessed by baseball sunsets,

Coffee and companionship,

Dogs, always dogs, and deliciously yellow daffodils.

Entendiendo en español,

Fellowship and friends, flair pens too,

Grandbabies, even if they aren’t exactly blood,

Hamburgers with crispy french fries, and calories removed,

Ice cream, preferably soft serve chocolate and vanilla twist,

Just a few extra minutes of sleep,

Kindnesses from kindergartners,

Laughter that lasts long,

Memories of moments,

Nice neighbors and new friends,

Ocean, all things ocean,

Pools, puppy kisses, and peaceful days,

Quietness of early mornings with time in the Word,

Read aloud and the rhythm of rain,

Sunshine dancing across shiny wood floors,

Tulips, turning the world red and yellow and pink,

Until they are replaced by purple and white iris,

Vast Colorado blue skies,

Walks in spring, just before sunset, 

Xtra minutes of light, or extra guacamole, 

You only need to watch carefully,

Zoom in, wonders will be waiting.

© Carol Wilcox, 2022



Jean said...

I love this. You have chosen such appropriate subjects. Thank you for writing every day so that we could share the wonders of your heart.
You speak for us.

Ramalan Togel Paling Jitu said...
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Ramona said...

" carefully, zoom in, wonders will be waiting." Thanks for taking the time to write every day even when it was hard. You brought moments of wonderment into my days. I salute your perseverance in spite of not having anything to say (but you did). Kudos my friend!

Mary Lee said...

You are the BEST at abecedarians. This one had me saying YES all the way through!

Anonymous said...

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