Friday, April 29, 2022

National Poetry Month 2022- Foundlings and wonderments- Poem #29- Friday night

Friday night. 
Friday night teacher tired. 
Friday night end of year teacher tired.
At 9:30 I still do not have a poem. Sigh.
A haiku will have to do. 

friday night tired

chinese takeout, walk, couch, book

half chapter read, zzzzzzz



Linda B said...

I don't have those anymore, but I remember! All that needs to be written!

Ramona said...

I well remember those Friday nights! Your first poem was ample, but the haiku was an added delight. My Friday night teacher tired led to the same result as yours, often before 8 pm.

Mary Lee said...

Haiku to the rescue! Get some rest. I remember that kind of tired.

Jenyford smith said...

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