Thursday, April 28, 2022

National Poetry Month 2022- Poem #28- "Lesson"

 Tonight a golden shovel. 


This has been a year of so much, everything

has spun, and turned sideways and upside down, has

dimmed and faded and lost its

color and it has been hard to find wonders,

or seeds of wonders, or to even

find a flashlight or candle to light the darkness

mostly there has been black and black and black and

silence and silence and empty silence,

and I have searched this frozen wasteland for small wonders and

I have scratched fingers raw in seedless gardens, I 

am trying to lean in and to learn,

to yield, to accept, maybe even to love whatever

might come from his strange and lonely state.

I suspect there are lessons to be learned in this emptiness, and I

know that even though they feel much larger then I may 

think I am prepared to handle, it will be

well, if I only yield and lean in,

perhaps therein

lies life’s biggest truth, simply to

trust that all will eventually be

well, if we seek nothing but to be content

© Carol Wilcox, 2022


Laura Benson said...


Jean said...

Amazingly thought provoking and heart stabbing and simply wonderful.

Mary Lee said...

Amen. TRUST. Goodness is there. (Have you read THE OGRESS AND THE ORPHANS? Do so. Report back.)