Tuesday, June 9, 2015


As of yesterday, I'm officially out of school. I know lots of people really look forward to summer. I really don't. I love my job. I love teaching. Talking about teaching. Thinking about teaching. I work with some of my favorite people. I love being surrounded by kids.

I'm reading everyone's plans for summer. And I really don't have very many. OK, unless you count having a lump removed from the dog's leg ($1400) and a tree that's moving the foundation of the garage cut down ($1000). And applying for student loans because one of my sons thinks he is going back to school this fall (a million dollars).

I decided, then, that I would make a bucket list of things I'd like to do this summer.

1) Buy a camera. Or a phone with a camera. Nothing fancy, just something simple and cheap. Take some pictures.

2) Use the camera to try some of the new apps that I keep reading about.

3) Learn a few new apps.

4) Buy a bike. Again, nothing fancy. Just something I can use to get some exercise.

5) Work on my Spanish.  Every day. Thirty minutes. Maybe even get brave enough to try a Spanish conversation table.

6) Write an article about Mo Willems. And the "rigorous" thinking the first graders did around this author.

7) Go to Mount Rushmore. Some place I've always wanted to see. Six hours away. I could do it in one day, I think.

8) Go to water. I'm really longing for a beach, but that's probably not happening. Maybe Grand Lake, couple of hours away from Denver.  On a weekday, so the crowds and traffic won't be so crazy.

9) Visit the Denver Zoo. It was remodeled several years ago and I have been wanting to see it.

10) Go to a Rockies game. I used to share season tickets with a couple of neighbors. After I adopted the boys, I stopped going, because they hate baseball.

11) Use my Botanic Gardens membership.

12) Write some poetry. Post it on Poetry Fridays.

13) Read. Concentrate on middle grade and YA novels.

14) See Wicked.  Hopefully on a discount, same-day ticket.

15) Take an art class. Maybe through the Botanic Gardens.

16) Work on my garden (or the area that I keep pretending is a garden).

17) Connect with a few friends I haven't seen in a while.

18) Do the online book club. And read at least four more professional books.

19) Go to an author talk at Tattered Cover.

20) Go to City Park Jazz.

21) Learn to use Netflix and see some movies I really wanted to see. Selma  is the first one on my list.

There's lots of other stuff I need to do.  Finish my taxes (I took an extension). Work on projects for school, including the book room, which I am planning on doing one day a week. Clean my closet. Deep clean my house. Declutter. Get estimates on some projects around my house.

But this is the stuff I want to do. Maybe, by making it public, I will accomplish at least a few of these items.


Linda B said...

My list grows longer, Carol, after reading yours. There are many good places close by that we can see. I just took guests over the weekend to the Botanic Gardens. It was lovely, & I don't go enough. I am gone much of this month, but we need to at least meet at TC for lunch in July! Sounds great to have a bike too. Have fun dipping into the 'bucket'!

elsie said...

Now print this list and look at it every day to remind yourself of the things you want to do. There are lots on your list that I would like to do too. I would love to see Wicked. Tackle that tax issue so there will be one less thing to worry about as you head to some water and enjoy nature.

Kyle said...

I love your list. Do you want to add helping a friend box up his house? :-). No not really. I would much rather do the zoo and gardens with you.

I am taking a photography class this month. Challenging, but great fun.

Kimberley Moran said...

Those kinds of summers are my favorite. I have a couple of teaching goals, but mostly I plan to camp and keep things clean and sit in the sun watching my kids and reading. I miss teaching as well, so I totally get that.

Beverley Baird said...

Such a difference between those needs and wants. Your list of wants is a great one. I agree with Elsie - print it and check it off as you do all those wonderful things!

Mary Lee said...

Keep your eye on the WANTS!!

Elisabeth Ellington said...

If you come up to Mount Rushmore, please let me know because I live about an hour away. I'm totally on your way! And note: the bridge in Lusk is out so don't drive through Lusk! I think Crazy Horse Memorial is more interesting than Mt Rushmore and you can easily see both in the same day. Ooh, and the buffalo in Custer State Park. And the Needles! And the Mammoth Site in my own town! I never thought I'd be a walking travel brochure for western South Dakota but there really are a lot of awesome things to do in this area. Oh, and make sure you don't time a trip at the same time as Sturgis! Now that my son broke his finger and all summer sports are out, I'm trying to work up the nerve to suggest a mini-vacation to Denver. He's terrified to go ANYWHERE. If we do end up coming, we're definitely doing a Rockies game and the zoo. Anyway, I love your list! You're motivating me to make my own....