Thursday, June 4, 2015


This morning, I'll be doing my last read aloud (for this year) in first grade.
I'm reading Mo Willems' newest book, I WILL TAKE A NAP, which came out on Tuesday.
It features a tired and cranky Gerald.
Who wants to take a nap.
And Piggie, who decides she will nap with him.
It's very clever. Like always.
And I know the first grade groupies will love it.

Here is a funny groupie story.
The first graders have been waiting for this book for about ten days.
Every day they asked if has come.
And every day I tell them, "No, not until June 2nd."
I've showed them the confirmation email.
They loved the "track packages" feature where they could see that the book had actually been mailed. They loved watching the green bar extend across the page as the book made its way across the country.

On Tuesday, I went into their class to pick something up.
And of course I had to remind them that it was June 2nd.
And Mo would be waiting on my front porch when I got home.
"What time is it coming?" one of them asked.
I reminded them that the email said it would be there by 8:00.
"Oh no," said one sweet little thing, looking absolutely crestfallen.
"I won't be able to hear it!
Eight o'clock is when I have to go to bed!"

Gotta love those six year old groupies!


Cathy said...

Love this! What a perfect way to end a school year. I can't wait to check it out.


Chris said...

Hooray for book love! I can't wait to get this book. What a great year-end read...first graders will love it!!

Ramona said...

Best story ever! What fun to hear their excitement.