Sunday, April 26, 2015

PO-EMOTION #26- Zest

April is National Poetry Month. Every year, my dear friend, and Poet Extraordinaire, Mary Lee Hahn, chooses a theme and writes a poem every day. She blogs and posts at two different places- YEAR OF READING and her fabulous new poetry blog, POETREPOSITORY.

This year's theme is PO-EMotions. Mary Lee promises, "I will write a poem a day that either evokes an emotion, or uses an emotion word in the title or body of the poem. Her list of emotions is here. I'm joining her, at least some days.

Today's emotion is zest.


He pulls up beside me
fifty-something balding 
ordinary except for
his red Chevy Impala lowrider
gold hubcaps glint 
in late afternoon sun
and sparking silver sign 
in back window taunts

Someone in the car behind him
shouts a challenge
and he responds 
with a couple of 
jaunty up down bows
followed by 
a side-to-side shimmy
then roars off 
tires squealing

I am not a car person
my dusty dark green SUV 
a strictly utilitarian
get me from place to place
kind of vehicle
but as he spins away
I long for that 
red convertible
shimmy side to side
bow up and down 

(c) Carol Wilcox, 2015


Kay said...

What a great image. Somedays it would be great to shimmy like that red convertible.

Mary Lee said...

What a fun moment you captured!

Linda B said...

I love the story, Carol. You've captured it beautifully. When I see zippy convertibles in our town, I always wonder 'what if'.