Friday, April 3, 2015

#3- PO-EMotions- Surprise

April is National Poetry Month. Every year, my dear friend (and poet Extraordinaire), Mary Lee Hahn chooses a theme, and writes a poem each day. Mary Lee blogs and posts her poems at two different places- YEAR OF READING and a fabulous new poetry blog POETREPOSITORY

This year, Mary Lee has chosen the theme, "PO-EMotions," and will be writing about a different emotion each day. She promises, "This year, I will write a poem a day that either evokes an emotion, or uses an emotion word in the title or body of the poem." If you want to read more about the emotions she will be touching on, go here

Today's emotion is surprise.


In winter
I am surprised by
the tree's character
strong precise lines and
bare branch symmetry
an occasional bird's nest
tells family stories
and reminds that
new life will come

in winter
when all
that covers
and hides
is stripped
new tree beauty is revealed

And I wonder
if humans
live similarly

during life's winters
when all
that usually covers and hides
is stripped away
can you see
strength of character
new life

is new beauty revealed?

(C) Carol Wilcox, 2015

And today is Friday, so that means poetry all over the web. You can go to Amy Ludwig VanderWater's blog, the POEM FARM, for lots more poetry.


Amy LV said...

Yes, I think you can. "Life's winters" surprise us in many ways, and your way of seeing them as revealing beauty is beautiful itself. Thank you for such a just right metaphor at this change of weather seasons and too, for the changes in our lives. Happy Poetry Friday! xo, a.

Kay said...

I love the look and beauty of trees in winter. I like the comparison you make between their beauty revealed and how beauty of character can be revealed when much is stripped away.

Linda B said...

Could it also be why we bundle up, to hide sometimes? I love the analogy & the questioning, Carol. The poem brings thought to our winter especially since spring has come, & the trees are now decorating again! Thanks.

Mary Lee said...

Yes, absolutely. There is an inner strength, a beautiful framework that needs to be there when life comes back again. All those leaves, when a tree re-invents itself...they are life-affirming, but heavy. They must also be a different, more celebratory way than the cold and dark of winter are borne...but they must be borne.

Margaret Simon said...

Trees are brave like that, showing themselves to the world in winter. I love how you captured this feeling in your poem.

Kimberley Moran said...

This poem surprised me by changing my thinking. I also loved the idea of a bird's nest telling family stories. You are a painter with your words. Thank you.

GatheringBooks said...

I love the peeling away here and the uncovering of secrets buried within. Beautiful analogy! :)

Bridget Magee said...

I love the many layers of your "surprise", Carol! =)