Sunday, April 5, 2015

PO-EMotion #5- Disgust

April is National Poetry Month. Every year, my dear friend (and poet Extraordinaire), Mary Lee Hahn chooses a theme, and writes a poem each day. Mary Lee blogs and posts her poems at two different places- YEAR OF READING and a fabulous new poetry blog POETREPOSITORY.

This year, Mary Lee has chosen the theme, "PO-EMotions," and will be writing about a different emotion each day. She promises, "This year, I will write a poem a day that either evokes an emotion, or uses an emotion word in the title or body of the poem." If you want to read more about the emotions she will be touching on, go here.

Today's emotion is disgust.


Gummy goo,
Stepping in poo,

Hair in food,
Folks being rude,

Snotty noses,
Hair on toes-es,

Flies on fruit,
Dogs' dead loot,

Tossed cigarette butts
Squished animal guts


(C) Carol Wilcox, 2015


Linda B said...

Quite a list, hoping I don't see any of this soon! Happy Easter, Carol!

Mary Lee said...

You have summarized several of our poems so far: trash, dead things, stink, snot...


Kay said...

Ew indeed! Who knew such a list of disgusting things could be such fun to read!

Michelle said...

Oh, kids will LOVE to read this one out loud!!! Ewww, but true!