Thursday, March 8, 2012

SLICE #8 OF 31

The job fair.
I walked in the door…
         And stood in line.
Found my first school
       And stood in line. 
Saw an unposted humanities facilitator (my district's code for literacy coach) position.
       And stood in line. 
Found a couple of possible classroom positions.
       And stood in line. 
Interviewed for a reading interventionist position
with a very nice young man  who was probably not even born
when I started teaching.
       And stood in line. 
Finally found a school I had looked for all night located in a back hallway.
       And stood in line. 
Went back into the big room to interview for a second or third grade position.
       And stood in line. 
Talked to a person from Human Resources
trying to find another school with a literacy coach position.
She didn't know where that school was.
But she knew about another primary reading specialist position.
I went to that school's table.
       And stood in line. 
I do not have a job.
But I do, I hope, have a couple of possibilities.
I am going to add "stands nicely in line"
to the qualifications on my resume.



Chris said...

Carol, may all your standing in line pay off soon! It's no fun to look for a new job, but keep your spirits up!

Linda B said...

I don't know whether to sympathize or say hurrah, you did it! I wish you so much the best & it sounds so tiring & challenging. And I wish they could find a better way to give great teachers like you support. Sending positive thoughts!!

Jone said...

What a day, Carol. I hope that your effort leads the way to a job. I liked the last couple of lines.

Michelle said...

Always thinking positive! I know things will happen for you! And all this after a day of testing! Ugh, I wish I could say take Friday off!

elsie said...

Taking a day of searching and standing in line and turning it into a poem that evokes emotion is a true talent. I hope you hear from a school soon. They would be lucky to have you.

Mary Lee said...

I wish it didn't have to be this way for you.
Sending virtual red velvet cupcakes your way.