Monday, March 12, 2012


I am, much to my boys' consternation, a dog person. It's not that they don't like the dogs, but they think I go a little overboard. I disagree. I like my four-footed fur babies. A lot.

You can tell you are a dog person if:

  • You talk to your dogs. My boys occasionally, ok, actually pretty regularly, tell me that I am nicer to the dogs than I am to my children. It would probably be rude to tell the boys that the dogs, who smile, and jump up and down, and wag their tails when I walk than the door, are generally more pleasant than the teenagers, who at best, manage a surly, "Hello," or sometimes, "What are we having for dinner?"
  • You put a quilt over the new couch so that the dogs will be able to look out the front window when  no one is home.  You would actually rather have dogs than nice furniture, a nice yard, and nice clothes.
  • You don't mind sharing your bed with two 80-pound black labs, even when you have to fight one for the covers and the pillow every night. You actually even kind of like waking up with a dog pressed tight on either side of you. 
  • You consider dog compatibility when you purchase a new car-- "Umm, do you have any without those light gray seats, because those are really going to show the dirt/mud after the dogs have been at the dog park." 
  • You spend $5000 to remove a 99 cent dishtowel from your dog's stomach, then spend the next three years defending the decision to your teenagers.
  • You know all your friends' dogs' names. And cry when their dogs die, or when they have to give them away because their toddlers are allergic. 
  • You regularly stop people in public places to ask them about their dogs, "What kind is it? How old is she? What's her name? Have you had her since she was a puppy? Do you go to the dog park?"
  • You don't mind if other people's dogs kiss you, even on the face sometimes. It's also not a big deal when they chew the little bow thingy off your best work/interview shoes. They're only shoes, after all.
I have news. I pretty much fit all of the above. If you answer yes to more than two, you might be a dog person too!


Julie said...

It's late but this post deserves a comment. I am a DOG PERSON all the way. Mine is the best ever. I love her. I am NOT a morning person, but I gladly got up to take her to training as a puppy EVERY SATURDAY MORNING at 8:00 for a year. And I'd do it again. Gratefully, the rest of my family is just as obsessed. Hooray for Dog people.

Linda B said...

I am a dog person through and through, and lately we have no pets, so I like having my granddog come to stay as much as my granddaughters. Does that qualify? Fun post, Carol. I grew up in an extended family filled with dogs and cousins. When we all descended on my grandmother I wonder how she survived. I know what you mean about the greeting; dogs are mostly always friendlier than one's teenagers. Nice tribute to your best buds!

Ruth Ayres said...

I'm a dog person...without a dog. I kinda want to send your post to Andy in a continual attempt to get him to agree to a new puppy. However, rereading your slice I'm not so sure it'll help my case! (Other than for Andy to know how completely gone I am about dogs!) I am, however, forwarding the link to my mom and friend, Christi -- both of whom will completely understand.

Carol said...

Yeah, I know. I totally adore my dogs, but they are a lot of work, mess etc. This would not help my case with the boys either!

Two thoughts-
1) As much as they would not admit it, my dogs have been a huge source of healing and love for my boys. My lab, Maggie, truly was the boys' therapy dog, even though she didn't have that training. She had an amazing sense of what they needed and was so, so loving and patient with them.
2) They do make dogs, e.g. golden doodles, that don't shed as much as my labs. I have never paid for a dog, but the next time around, I might!

Chris said...

I love the unconditional love dogs give. Our black lab was with us before kids and stayed for 16 years. We are now the designated dog sitters in the family. Thanks for the doggone good slice!

Diana Martin said...

This is so funny Carol. I've had pets all my life. I was raised with parents who were dog people. I am currently a cat person but when I retire, I fully intend to get back to being my true dog person self. :)

Katie Dicesare said...

Ok, I'll be brave and tell you that I am not much of a dog person but dogs seem to always like me. I don't dislike dogs and always talk to them and welcome my dad's dogs in my home but I am just not crazy about having one right now. I am hoping to be a dog person later in life (I've always wanted to be one).

Cathy said...

I know this is probably not going to be a good thing to admit here, but I'm more of a cat person. I spend most of my life trying to understand dog people who take their pets shopping, allow dogs to sit on seats at the table, and enjoy a lick on the face. Sorry, but it's true. I much prefer the quiet of a cat. Cats like a certain amount of peace, and I'm good with that. They will curl up on your lap and be content for hours.

This piece was fun to read. I loved the comparison of dogs to teenagers (and hope your teenagers don't regularly read your Thanks for helping me to come to a better understanding of dog people, Carol.

Your cat loving friend,