Sunday, March 4, 2012

Slice #4-- Sabbath?

 So today is Sunday, the Sabbath. Some people take Sabbath very seriously. They really do set aside the day to do faith and/or family centered stuff. In theory, I think that would be really great. But that is so not the way Sabbath happens at my house.


  • I went to church.
  • Taught first grade Sunday School. 
  • Bought an interview suit so I can interview at the district job fair on Thursday (my school is closing and we all have to find new jobs).
  • Came home and ate lunch, and hunted down my teenagers, who are way too cool for church.
  • Emailed a coach that had asked me a question about one of my boys.
  • Tried to wash the car, but the line was at least an hour, and I didn't think I had time to wait
  • Went to Home Depot to buy the biggest lanyard I could find, because I keep losing my keys.
  • Went to Sam's Club because my boys do not have school again until Friday and if I didn't have enough snacks, then they would resort to eating the cupboards and walls. which can get very expensive
  • Came home and unloaded groceries from Sam's Club
  • Hunted down my teenagers again.
  • Picked up the backyard (can anyone tell me why the dogs belong to the family until it's time to get out the pooper scooper, and then they are all mine???)
  • Had a brief, but very intense conversation with my eighteen-year-old (my children seem to have an uncanny ability for picking out the days when I have the least intellectual and emotional capability for intense conversations, and wanting to converse on those days)
  • Hunted down Houdini the Lab, who somehow escaped from the yard while I was pooper scooping, and had wandered across the street to visit my neighbor and his two small (and now slobber covered) children
  • Had another brief, but very intense conversation with my eighteen-year-old
  • And now I am sitting here trying to write a slice of life, and wondering which one of my two-hundred pound teenagers is doing jumping jacks on the floor directly above me
And tonight, after I finish this not very exciting, but I am so going to do it for 31 days straight slice, I will:
  • Finish my resume
  • Write a cover letter to go with the resume
  • Go online and apply to schools with open positions
  • Email the principals of those schools
  • Respond to kids' writing from Friday
  • Try to decide what last one or two things I can teach kids before our "Blessed Event" starts on Tuesday morning
  • Make lesson plans for this week
  • Feed my children and my animals.
  • Mop the kitchen floor, which is totally sticky from who knows what someone spilled while I was at church
So yeah, technically, I believe in the Sabbath, but it sure isn't happening at my house. Not this week anyway. 


Linda B said...

Oh Carol, my list is different but it is long, too. And I don't have kids at home anymore. However I do have grown children who call to talk, and talk, & while I'm grateful, sometimes other things also are calling. I love the part about your talk with your son & remember those times, especially some rather late when I'm just contemplating going to bed when one or the other said, "Mom, I need to talk." Thanks for keeping up with the slices-terrific again!

Katie Dicesare said...

I feel your pain! Lesson plans are later on my list as well. Hang in there and hope you get this accomplished with a little rest before Monday.

Michelle said...

All I can say is . . . I'm exhausted for you! Glad you were able to squeeze a slice into your busy day!

Amanda said...


Your teaser before your link drew me in! Like Linda, I too have a similar list and often wonder if it's just me who dreads Sundays for the fact that I find myself exhausted at the start of a new week.

My kids are only 3 and 4 (soon to be 5) and lately I've been feeling the pinch when they ask me to snuggle and I fear that if I do there will be too much left undone. Knowing that "snuggle" will become "talk" helps me understand that I need to take that time no matter how busy life may be.

Thanks so much for sharing today!

Mary Lee said...

This is the kind of sabbath Job had.

Carol said...

Darn list. Only got about two things on the list done last night. I finished my resume, I drafted a cover letter, but need to tighten it up, and I made of list of the 40 something jobs I could possibly be qualified for. Oh, and I have lesson plans, but just for today, not for the whole week.

Mary Lee, you made me laugh! Humor is a good thing the day before state tests!

Jama said...

Carol, after all of that, you surely do need a Sabbath rest!!! But, I must admit, although your list was full of lots of troublesome issues, it was funny, too. And, my guess is that your humor is part of your Sabbath rest. I hope you can keep on all through the month!