Friday, March 2, 2012


Today is Friday.
And that means Poetry.
Poetry Friday.
I usually participate.
But this month I am "slicing" 
I probably won't have time to do both
So I am combining them.

Lots of Poetry Friday bloggers write poetry every week.
I usually just find a poem I like.
Dash off a quick explanation of why it's speaking to me.
And race off to my day. 

But I actually do write poetry. 
Or something that is kind of like poetry anyway. 
I often take experiences that I want to hold onto. 
Throw in a few line breaks or stanzas. 
Sometimes I play around with a little repetition. 

I do the same thing
with quotes I want to think about
or scripture that's speaking to me.

those thoughts

helps me to savor
dwell deeply

Here is one from this week.

Tuesday afternoon
Grade level meetings.
This afternoon we are supposed to meet with our AP
To review final details
for our upcoming weeks of testing.

A supervisor from the district office 
has dropped by
to meet with the AP
And so we sit
on the shiny wooden “bad kids” bench.
Outside the AP's office.
 our principal,
joins our row
of non-sinning

After a few minutes
We decide to start our meeting.
It’s hard to meet
sitting in a row
On the bad kids’ bench
So I move to the floor in front of the bench.
And sit facing my teammates.
David joins me
in the executives meeting area.

Elizabeth, a five-year-old angel
from the autism magnet
comes out into the hall,
With her para, Robert,
(he a 19-year-old kid,
with patience and kindness and wisdom
easily quadruple his age).
 They pass us on the way to the restroom.
Five minutes later
They return.

Elizabeth stops.


by the way the fluorescent lights 

in a glowing square
Off David’s bald head.
Elizabeth’s hands
Fly to that glowing square
She rubs round and round
Chortling gleefully
In a language
we of this earth
do not recognize.

is horrified
At this breach of authority.

do not rub
the principal’s head
the light is so shiny.

He moves to grab her hands
And pull her away.

David laughs.

And says to Elizabeth
“It’s shiny isn’t it?”

And we continue meeting.

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Nanc said...

totally funn!!! and the 'bad kid bench' has a great sound xo nanc

GatheringBooks said...

Reminds me of the novels-in-verse that I so love to read! What a beautiful beautiful poem - and yes you have managed to 'slice' yourself in such a poetic/versified manner. Oh to touch a principal's bald head, must be truly something. It glistens. It shines. :) There is poetry in that, true.

Linda said...

I love this! I wish I could've been there to see everyone's face when she started rubbing the principal's head! We can learn so much about living a joyful life from kids!

Tara @ A Teaching Life said...

I',m doing both roundups as well...challenging! I like the way you combined yours, though - I did both this time...but perhaps will follow your lead next Friday.

Linda B said...

It's quite a wonderful Poetry Friday sharing, Carol. I love that you told us a special story of a small slice of your life and added your comments so particular to that moment, the bad boys' bench, meeting in a row, waiting, and the little girl rubbing your principal's head, all showing your thoughtfulness in a poetic way. What a gift you have to put this all together!

Stephanie McCabe said...

First, I love that you didn't sit on the "bad kids' bench" -- haha! And you captured Elizabeth's movements so vividly that I can see her actions.

Loved this slice!


Katie Dicesare said...

I felt as if I was there. Thank you for sharing this moment and I am impressed at your combination post. I loved your poem. It makes me want to write more myself.

Karen said...

This is a great story. Leave it to a child to cut to the heart of the matter - loving something shiny. As I read this, I felt envious. It is a gift to be able to express yourself in verse like this.

Amy L V said...

"Chortling gleefully
In a language
we of this earth
do not recognize."

What a wonderfully combined slice and poem! This moment has something to me about enjoying bits of beauty, wherever I find them...and not being afraid to say so! (I hope you are thinking about doing this every Friday in March!) a.

Mary Lee said...

You "non-sinning sitter, you!"

Unknown said...

This just made me wish I was better at poetry!

Doraine said...

Love this shiny poem!