Friday, March 21, 2014

SLICE #21- Friday Night

Friday night
13-hour days
teaching, then 
with the personnel committee.

I should be 
lounging in front of the television
watching March Madness
and eating junk food.

I am staring
at the computer screen
 through blurry eyes
trying to make sense
of the presentation
I am supposed to give
at 9:00 
tomorrow morning

while trying to ignore
the pleading eyes
of a sad labrador
who has not had a walk
since Wednesday.


Michelle said...

That's tough, especially with the rest of your full life. I hope your presentation goes well and then once that is done, you can plop on the couch for several hours, eat some junk food and watch basketball. Then go get some fresh air and walk the dog. :)

Chris H. said...

My dogs and I share your sentiments. We have added an hour to the school day for six weeks, and now are looking at possible extensions for the rest of the year. I typically work from 7-5... but now it's more like the time we have a late dinner, I feel myself crashing...gaining weight from lack of exercise and sheer exhaustion.

Karen said...

Best of luck with your presentation. Hope those tired eyes get some rest and sleep tonight!!

Linda B said...

Hope the rest will come after the presentation, Carol. What a week you've had. What happened with the dog? Must tell the footnote sometime!

Cathy said...

….and somehow you still managed this post. Impressive. Hope your presentation has gone well and you are happily watching March Madness. That's all we have been doing all day. Oh, the fun.